Release Notes

Version 1.4

2014/04/27 Release


What’s New


1.Added a settings of calendar display.

Added a settings.

[Stamp color:]

You can change the color of the stamp.

[Beginning of a week:]

You can change the beginning of a week. (Sunday / Monday)

calendar settings


2.Added a load function of stamp customized.

The stamp can be generated from images saved on the SD card.

Please to save image files to SD card(/sdcard/Android/data/com.workpiles.orehara2/files).
When you save, please “stamp1.jpg”, “stamp2.jpg” to the file name. (size 60x60pixel recommend)

stamp Ver1.4

<Sample Data>
You can download press and hold the image.




3.Fixed the Chart view. Add a space below the minimum value of the chart.


4.Optimize screen drawing method

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