Keep Weight Loss

This app keeps track of the changes in body type and result of the measurement.
(Body composition monitor and scale that you are using)


How to use


1.Calendar View

Stamped in their day you enter the data.

Flick:Switch the month to display.
Click:Select the entry date.


2.Switch display item

Switch the items to be displayed on calendar & graph views.

Click:Switch the items.


3.Goal Settings

Manage the weight loss goal.


“I want to lose weight up to **kg by the friend’s wedding at the end of next month.”
By registering an event, you can check what kilometers remaining to the goal that you’ve set.

+Button : add new event
trash Button : delete event that you selected


Set a BMI that the final goal.



Fill in the data daily.
You can record photos and input items set to first boot.


5.Graph view

Displays in the graph data.

Select:you can choose how long to display graph(current/3months/6months/1year)
Compare Button:compare the graph (when you switch the display items)
 Click Long time:Save the settings(Clear by a long press again)


6.Slide view

Slide display the photos you had saved to take.